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      Getting Your Voice Into the World

      Why Hire a Podcast Editor?

      So when you’re recording your podcast, you can say “Hey Chris – edit that part out!”

      Play the audio above to hear my clients in their own words asking me to edit, remove, or add things in to their podcast without having to make a note, or remember to go back and do it themselves.

      I Get to Work with Some Amazing People

      Learn With Jason

      Learn With Jason?is live, hands-on learning with brilliant teachers from the web community every Tuesday & Thursday.

      Syntax.fm artwork


      A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers.

      Building Materials Marketing unboxed

      Building Materials Marketing Unboxed from Manobyte

      Get actionable sales, marketing, and business operations advice from experts within the building products industry right here on Building Materials Marketing Unboxed.

      Fearless Growth podcast artwork

      Fearless Growth with Amanda Setili

      In the Fearless Growth podcast, Amanda Setili and her guests explore the mindsets and choices that lead individuals, leaders and their organizations to outstanding performance.

      Testimonials From Some of Those Amazing People

      Todd Libby

      Todd Libby

      He makes my podcast sound just as great as the others and I couldn't be more pleased with the work Chris does and highly recommend anyone with a podcast to hire Chris. Top-notch audio work!



      Chris makes running a podcast a lot more manageable. He makes an art of panning of audio gold.

      Amanda Setili

      Amanda Setili

      When I first started podcasting, there were so many unknowns. Chris helped me figure out how to manage the process, and what technologies to use. He was?indispensable.

      Adam Elmore

      Adam Elmore

      Chris is a wealth of knowledge and a joy to work with. I don’t have to think about post-production anymore and I enjoy podcasting so much more since I started working with him.

      Services I Provide

      Editing & Production

      I love editing and producing podcasts. Probably more than you do even. Which is why you should hire me — I’ll take care of it so you can work on the things you love to do.

      Launching a Podcast

      I think podcasting is a vastly under-utilized medium for businesses and individuals. I’d love to help you get started with podcasting.

      Consulting & Idea Coming Up’ing

      If you’re just starting out and not even sure if you need podcast editing help, or maybe you’re looking for some equipment to buy, troubleshoot issues with Apple Podcasts, or just want someone to bounce a podcast idea off of, I can help you get unstuck.

      Next Steps